prova generale palio straordinario
Prova generale palio straordinario
Carica Carabinieri a Cavallo
La Prova generale del palio straordinario di Siena

Prova generale Palio Straordinario 19 Ottobre 2018 la foto gallery molto emozionante la carica dei Carabinieri a Cavallo che accompagna con grande attesa la Prova Generale. Sono dieci le contrade estratte per correre il Palio di Siena straordinario. Si tratta di: Torre, Lupa, Chiocciola, Oca, Drago, Tartuca, Selva, Civetta, Nicchio, Giraffa. A seguire la prova Generale della corsa delle Contrade che con emozioni uniche preparano la Piazza al giorno, tanto atteso, dal popolo delle contrade

Si ringrazia 

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Palio di Siena Straordinario prove
cavalli Palio straordinario ottobre 2018
Palio di Siena le prove
Palio di Siena Straordinario prove

Palio di Siena Straordinario prove che precedono la corsa che si terrà il 20 ottobre nella magica Piazza del Campo. Tutti con il fiato sospeso in attesa delle performance delle accoppiate. Online la gallery completa delle varie prove  che in questi giorni hanno dato vita a un atmosfera magica in questa città pulsa per questa festa unica al modo. 10 le contrate che parteciperanno alla corsa del 20 ottobre.

Si ringrazia il Consorzio per la tutela del Palio di Siena 

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Choreography of the Carabinieri’s squad 2018

SIENA, 16th August 2018

In the tense silence that anticipates the last test before the great event, in Piazza del “Campo” resounds a solemn trampling of hooves, but much more ordered and calm than the frenetic pace of the horses of the “contrade”. And here with an elegant gait, in a whirlwind of red-blue plumes, the squad of the Carabinieri makes its appearance, and after a round of inspection, they head towards the most illustrious officers  of the Palio.

Here, after a moving and distinguished salute to the authorities, the military begin their grandiose choreography proceeding initially with an elegant trot and then, launched at the sign of the commander, in a quick and courtly gallop with the ceremonial swords unsheathed to the light of the sun under the general ovations of the crowd ready to acclaim them for the incredible tribute that the “Arma of Carabinieri” offers to the city of Siena for the second consecutive year.

carica del drappello dei carabinieri 2018

Carica del drappello dei Carabinieri 2018

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First Test of Palio di Siena 2018

SIENA, 13th August 2018

In “Piazza Del Campo”, people start to gather behind the barriers creating a mix of colors, voices and emotions in a place  where competition and excitement mix, a place that in the period of the “Palio di Siena” becomes a symbol of the union of a city. Despite the fact that it is only a test, the tension felt in the air is palpable. At this precise moment, desires, hopes and thoughts start to crowd in the minds of the thousands of spectators and “contradaioli”, the beating heart of the Palio and the city.

The rope falls and so the horses leave; running faster and faster, kicking away the layer of tuff covering the square and overcoming the opponents. Finally the last lap arrives, the jockeys are getting closer and closer to the finish line, people acclaim them, encouraging them more than ever. The horses are launched in the last daring climb, hoping to reassemble or revolutionize this first standings that will see only one district victorious.

The first day of the Palio di Siena comes to the end.

palio di siena

Prima Prova Palio di Siena 2018

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