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Foto Gallery Cena della Vittoria Coro Palio Piancastagnaio 2017

Online le foto della Cena della Vittoria della Contrada del Coro 2017  del Palio di Piancastagnaio circa 1400 scatti.Tutte le foto sono disponibili da questa settimana, per essere stampate o acquistate, presso il mio studio. Per un appuntamento potete contattarmi al 3392252160 o scrivere alla mia mail fotoforti@gmail.com . Consiglio di visionare gli scatti online e segnare il numero che vi interessa esempio:  6_Cena_vittoria_Coro_  cosi da facilitare la scelta degli scatti e la relativa stampa. Formati disponibili: 10×15 – 15X21 – 20X30 – 30X40 – 50X70 – 50×75. Ritiro presso lo Studio.

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La Corsa “Palio di Siena 16 Agosto 2017”

Not a highly competitive race but a top-point competition that looks at the Palio Marian beauty dress that is the perfect rebirth symbol for a whole county crowd. The Palio of Siena is synonymous with victory and regeneration. I understood it in the silence that anticipates the race, which in no way is different from the threshold that divides a world from that within which it is reborn. In the silence flowers all hope of life and victory. A silence that is the suspension of heartbeats; Shortly afterwards, the galloping of horses marks the heartbreaking heartbeat of a whole square coexisted like the tuff’s sand she is dressed. It is a turbine of unbeatable strength and emotion, but within the precise boundaries of a track that is one of the rarest in the world. In this beauty amateur the voices of jubilation are a “Wave” of happiness that is called victory. It’s the Palio of Siena!

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Momenti di Palio Siena 16 Agosto 2017

The face of the Palio of Siena is that of the emotions of those who animate it. The Peoples of Contrda are the voice and color of an event that paradoxically has little outside and much interior. I have seen and perceived in the eyes of man and woman the strength of passion and the most genuine feeling, in a word I saw the life of the Sienese souls offered to the Palio as the tuff offers compactness to the hoofs of the strongest horses Beautiful of a race. A year of preparations and hopes consumed in the joy and tension of a handful of a few days, those who preceded the race, in the photos I took, I first defined the photos of a timeless sacred rite: Il Palio di Siena.

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